Anna är konferencier på stora som små evenemang och event. Konferenser, fester, tävlingar, quiz, säljevenemang, barnevenemang, stor företagsfester....listan är lång.


Boka Anna som konferencier


Shockholm was thrilled and honoured to feature Anna Jois as our MC for the 5th Anniversary Shockholm Halloween Parade. Anna was selected amongst a pool of considered talents because of her skill both as a confrenseer and as an artist with an incredible, unforgettable voice. Anna rose to the occasion both performing music and playing the role of MC. He ability to engage both young and old was in full display and the response from the audience was unanimous—Anna was a hit. Shockholm looks forward to inviting Anna back to the stage next year, and, the year after that, and…..


Bill Schacht. Founder, Shockholm

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